The 5 Most Important Qualities to Look for When Renting a Limo in Westchester, New York

OCTOBER 11th 2013

By   Westchester Limo
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Renting a limousine can be a thrilling experience. Limos can take you and your friends anywhere you need to go for the night. Everybody can have a few drinks without worrying about driving, and there’s something special about pulling up to a nightclub in a limousine.

And best of all, when the cost of a limo is split between many people, renting a limo isn’t even that expensive.

In Westchester, New York, city residents love to rent limos for an adventure in town or into New York City. No matter why you’re renting a limousine in Westchester NY, here are some important qualities to look for when searching for a limousine:

5) Preview the limousine before you rent it

Even the most novice photographer can make a bad limousine look awesome in pictures. To avoid paying big money for a bad limousine, ask to preview the limousine before you rent it. During the preview, look inside and check how many people could comfortably fit.

Some limousine rental services may rent a 10 person limousine that only seats 6 people comfortably. Unless you and your friends like to cuddle up, you’ll want to make sure there is lots of room for everyone involved. If you require special features like alcohol service or a TV, make sure you choose the appropriate vehicle.

4) Clarify pricing, gratuity, and additional charges up front

Some limo rental Westchester companies charge a single flat fee. Other limo rental companies charge an hourly rate that looks cheap, only to pile extra charges on top of that. Want to enjoy some drinks in the back of your limo? Get ready to pay for it. Want on-time service, upscale vehicles, and a good driver? Don’t choose the cheapest limousine service in Westchester.

On top of that, you may have to tip your driver between 15% and 20%. Some limo companies automatically include gratuity on their bills, while others leave it to the customer to decide. No matter which limo Westchester service you’re working with, be sure to clarify all pricing details upfront to avoid a surprise at the end of the night.

3) Package deals and destination discounts

If you’re traveling to and from an airport or popular destination, then Westchester limousine rental companies may offer special discount deals or packages. Some limo companies also offer discount packages during the week, or a ‘night out’ package for the weekend.

You may even be able to find Groupon deals or discounts from similar websites. These discounts are an excellent way to save money on your limo service – just be sure to clarify any restrictions well in advance. For example, you may find an awesome discount deal for a limousine service, but it can only be used between Monday and Thursday.

2) Pick the right type of vehicle for the job

Limo rental companies generally offer a wide range of vehicles for their guests. Along with a traditional 10 passenger limousine, they may offer party buses, classic cars, or luxury sedans. How many friends will be joining you? Do you need a bus, a full-sized limo, or just a car? Determining the exact number of guests you’ll have ahead of time is an excellent way to save money and choose the right vehicle.

1) Reserve your Westchester NY limo early and confirm your reservation before the event

There are a number of popular events throughout the year for limousine drivers. Graduation weekends are always a popular time to rent a limo, so if you plan to book your limo for a weekend in May or June, be sure to rent it well in advance.

The same lesson applies to holiday weekends or virtually any weekend in the summer. Don’t book your limo a few days before an event – if it’s a popular weekend, you’ll most likely end up being disappointed. You should also call to confirm your reservation the day before the event to make sure the routing and time details are correct.

By following all of the tips listed above, you can ensure your limo rental in Westchester proceeds as smoothly as possible!