Rent a Limousine in New York City

OCTOBER 11th 2013

By   Westchester Limo
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Renting a limousine in New York City can be an unforgettable experience. Some people rent NYC limos every time they go out. But for most people, renting a limousine in NYC is something they’ll only do a handful of times.

Most people only rent limousines for special events like weddings, graduations, and bachelorette parties. Some people rent limos just for a big night out on the town. No matter why you’re renting a limousine in NYC, I’m here to explain exactly how it’s done. Here’s a step by step guide to renting a limo in New York City:

Step 1) Think about the type of event

Before you start researching limo companies, you’ll need to consider the type of event and the number of people who will be attending the event. Here are some reasons why people hire a limousine in NYC:

-Airport transfers

-Birthday parties

-City tours

-Day trips


-Special events

Some limo rental services focus on providing party limos, while others only provide transportation service and airport transfers. Depending on which type of event you’re attending, you may need to choose a specific limo NYC service.

Step 2) Confirm the number of guests before you rent the limo

Before you call a limo rental company, you’ll want to clarify exactly how many people will be attending the event. If you have four people, then you may only need a luxury sedan. If there are 10 or more people, then you’ll need a large limousine.

Most limousine rental companies will tell you the maximum number of people that can fit in each limousine, but not all rental services will tell you the maximum number of people that can fit comfortably. If it’s a 12 passenger limousine, then it may only seat 10 people comfortably.

Of course, in the weeks leading up to the event, some people may be added or dropped. If you need to add more than two people to your list, call the limo service ahead of time and confirm that the vehicle has enough room. If not, you may need to upgrade to a larger vehicle.

Step 3) Call a few different limousine rental services in NYC

Now that you’ve clarified the type of event you’re attending and the number of passengers, it’s time to work on the most important step: renting the actual limousine. Search online for NYC limo reviews and find a number of nearby companies.

If you’re searching for limos in Queens, search for “limo Queens” or “12 passenger limousine Queens”. There are hundreds of limousine rental services in all of NYC’s boroughs so finding the perfect one for your needs should be easy.

Here are some points of comparison you can use to separate good limo companies from bad ones:

-Hourly rate

-Type of vehicle

-Size of vehicle

-Bonus features included, like alcohol or ice

-Music options (iPod, satellite radio, driver’s choice, etc.)

-Limo company safety and track record

-Discount packages and special event deals

By looking at all of these points of comparison, you can easily find the perfect limo NYC for your needs. If you want to be thrifty, ask for specific quotes from a few different limo companies and then choose the one that best fits your budget.

Step 4) Call and make your booking

Making your booking is the easy part. Call your limo rental service and tell them the date of your event, the number of hours you’ll need the limo, and any other relevant information.

If you’re booking your limousine for a major event weekend (like for graduation or a holiday weekend), then you’ll want to make your reservation several weeks – or even months – ahead of time. In a big city like New York, there are plenty of limousine rental services available. But if you leave the rental until the last minute, then all of the good limos are bound to be taken.

Step 5) Call ahead to confirm routing details and booking information

After you’ve gone through all the trouble listed above, the last thing you want is for the limo company to lose your booking. To prevent this from happening to you, call ahead to confirm your booking. You can do this a few days in advance as well as on the day of your event.

During the confirmation call, you should also confirm routing information. If you need the limo to go to the Bronx, Queens, Manhattan, Brooklyn, or Staten Island, for example, then you need to let the limo service know ahead of time – especially if you’re cruising from one part of town to the other.

Once you’ve done that, then it’s time to get excited! Renting a limo is always a fun experience. Nobody has to worry about drinking and driving and you know everybody is getting home safe that night. Relax, enjoy yourself, and focus on having a night to remember.

Whether you’re booking a limo in Queens or searching for the best limo rental service in Staten Island, this step-by-step guide will ensure that your limo rental NYC experience proceeds as smoothly as possible.